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Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care Unit

In the Intensive Care Unit, patients get continuous monitoring and treatment, benefiting from a higher level of safety and prevention of any undesirable situations that may arise during a patient stay.


When you put yourself in the patient shoes, you start to think of every detail not only from medical perspective but also from the patient/human point of view.


The intensive care center is designed by the specialized company D.I.R.T. All the rooms are single room with access to natural sunlight’s to increase the privacy and decrease the infection rates. In addition to the appealing and relaxing colors to reduce the level of anxiety and stress for both patient and caregivers.


  • The ICU is under the supervision of specialized multi-disciplinary team of consultants, respiratory therapist and physiotherapist. The nurses can monitor the patient smartly and innovatively in a ratio of 1 nurse to 1 patient or 1 to 2 ratio maximum.
  • The decentralized nursing station provides privacy comfort and quietness. This evidence-based design is internationally approved to increase the efficiency of the staff and decrease the noise.
  • We understand the importance of family and friends in providing support, allowing one companion to stay with each patient for 24 hours.
  • The ICU is equipped with the most advanced INTOUCH STRYKER beds. the beds have a very high technology which allows the patient or the caregiver to control all the function through a very simple system.
  • The flexibility of the bed increase the level of safety and prevent the falls. The multi-language audio instruction feature allows the caregiver to communicate easily with patients and family member it can also be used to relax the patient by playing natural soothing sounds or Quran.
  • To keep the lowest infection rate, we installed the I360 Hygiene system for monitoring the compliance of hand washing between the staff. We follow a very strict procedure, and it’s monitored by the infection prevention department continuously.
  • Each patient is been discuss daily in details with all his laboratory results and live imaging in hand in special screen by multidisciplinary team to make sure the best management is provided. All the ICU pathways and protocols following the best international evidence base knowledge and practice.