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Oncology Center

Oncology Center


At Almoosa Cancer Center Patient-centered care, prevention, and health education are supported by modern technology, latest equipment, and integrated programs.


A team of consultants including:

  • Medical Oncologists with subspecialities
  • Surgical Oncologists with subspecialities
  • Diagnostic Radiologists
  • Nuclear Medicine Consultant
  • Radiation Oncologists
  • Laboratory and Histology Consultants

Why ASH Cancer Center?

  • The first comprehensive cancer center in the region: diagnostic, therapeutic, and support services under one roof.
  • Certified medical, technological, and nursing staff for the treatment of adult and pediatric patients.
  • An exclusive radiotherapy center with the most advanced modalities.
  • The latest diagnostic devices, including PET/CT and SPECT Scan.
  • Easy access to services without having to wait a long time for results, enabling quicker decision-making and more effective intervention.
  • Excellent patient journey and enhanced healing environment.
  • Exceptional results in patient satisfaction as reported by the Press Ganey organization.
  • Regular tumor boards and multidisciplinary meetings to improve cancer care by coordinating treatment recommendations from experts in different specialties, leading to better patient outcomes.

Available Treatments and Diagnostic Services

  • Surgical Oncology.
  • Chemotherapy.
  • Radiation oncology.
  • Nuclear medicine.
  • Interventional radiology.
  • Hormonal therapy.
  • Biological therapy.
  • Immunotherapy.
  • Palliative care.
  • Intraperitoneal (IP) chemotherapy

Medical Oncology

  • The first comprehensive Cancer center in the Al-AHSA region for adults using chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapy, and Immunotherapy.
  • The Medical Oncology floor includes 14 private rooms for inpatient treatment and 7 infusion rooms for outpatient one-day treatment.
  • Almoosa Cancer Center provides treatment for almost all types of solid tumors and blood cancer for adults.


What distinguishes Medical Oncology at Almoosa hospital?

  • Multidisciplinary team management by highly experienced Cancer specialists.
  • Integrated services with radiation therapy and nuclear medicine

Pediatric Oncology

  • Almoosa Cancer Center provides treatment for a wide range of pediatric cancer and blood disorders for children, teens, and young adults.
  • At pediatric oncology service, your child’s care will be coordinated by one doctor but backed up by a multidisciplinary team of specialists with broad experience treating a wide range of cancer types including some of the rarest types of cancer.


What distinguishes Pediatric Oncology at Almossa hospital?

  • The region’s only clinic for managing pediatric oncology.
  • Integrated services with radiation therapy and nuclear medicine

What distinguishes us at Almoosa Hospital

The center provides different Surgical Oncology Services through its Highly skilled Surgeons that includes:


Breast Surgery:

  • All kinds of approved surgical procedures for breast cancer including Breast-Conserving Surgery, Mastectomy Reconstruction.
  • The first and only center in the eastern province providing the SAVI Scout device to localize early small breast cancers
  • Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery, Includes both Open and Minimally invasive Resections and Reconstructions of The Esophagus And Stomach
  • Endocrine Surgery, Dealing with tumors of the thyroid, Parathyroid and Adrenals



  • Having the latest and most advanced radiation therapy technology available. This includes TrueBeam linear accelerators, which the most accurate, versatile, fast, and safe Radiotherapy machine with innovative features.
  • The first and only oncology center that provides stereotactic radiotherapy treatment is the eastern province.
  • Using respiratory gating in breast radiotherapy which improves accuracy and reduces side effects.

What is Radiotherapy?

It is a treatment method for treating cancer that uses high-intensity beams (X-rays) directed at the cancerous cells. It works by killing cancer cells and ultimately treating cancer. In addition, radiotherapy plays a key role in relieving pain and improving pain control caused by cancer.


Radiotherapy is usually given with other treatments such as chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, and biological therapy within a specific protocol where the main goal is curing cancer with full recovery.


What distinguishes Radiation Oncology at Almoosa hospital?

  • Availability of state of art Linear accelerator (TrueBream)
  • Highly specialized and qualified medical, technological, and nursing staff.
  • Availability of state of art  PET –CT simulator that is integrated with nuclear medicine in addition to teamwork with medical oncology.
  • Availability latest medical technology in radiotherapy techniques, including:
    • 3-Dimensional Radiotherapy (3DCRT)
    • Intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT)
    • Radiation therapy using the volumetric modulated arc (VMAT)
    • Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS)
    • Stereotactic radiotherapy (SBRT)
    • Image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT)

What is nuclear medicine?

Nuclear medicine is one of the most recently introduced branches of medicine. Nuclear medicine uses radioactive pharmaceuticals to detect tumors and assess their response to treatment; sometimes nuclear medicine is used to treat a few cancers, particularly thyroid cancer. In addition to oncology, nuclear medicine plays an important role in imaging heart diseases, endocrine diseases, and neurological disorders.


What distinguishes Nuclear medicine at Almossa hospital?

  • Availability of state of art SPECT/CT and PET/CT imaging equipment.
  • Availability of radioactive iodine isolation treatment rooms in incompliance with the highest safety standards.
  • Myocardial perfusion examination services using the latest technologies.
  • Highly specialized and qualified medical, technological, and nursing staff.
  • Integrated services with radiation therapy in addition to teamwork with medical oncology.