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Awards and Accreditations


Commitment to excellence has set Almoosa Health Group apart as a place of firsts and a trusted choice for patients seeking top-notch medical care. The group’s unwavering dedication to quality has consistently earned recognition from international and national healthcare organizations.

Planetree is an international nonprofit organization that promotes patient-centered care in healthcare.

Guided by their principles and framework, the hospital embarked on pursuing its Planetree Journey. It started in the latter part of 2014 and was, later received the recognition of Planetree Silver Merit Certification for Excellence in Person-Centered Care in 2015. It was then, in August 2017, that the hospital achieved the Golden Merit Certification for Excellence in Person-Centered Care and was Re-Certified in the year 2020.

Being the First Hospital in the Middle East to be awarded as a Planetree Certified hospital, it continues to provide high-quality service and care to its patients. True to its commitment to employing Person-Centered Care, initiatives have been embedded in the daily practices in the organization.

Person-Centered Care in Al Moosa Specialist Hospital at a glance

King Abdulaziz Quality Award: KAQA aims at honoring the best performing establishments that achieve the highest standards of quality by obtaining the appropriate recognition at the national level for their achievements and ranking among the best local establishments.

The C. Everett Koop National Health Awards recognize outstanding worksite health promotion and improvement programs. The Health Project’s mission is to seek out, evaluate, promote, and disseminate the lessons learned from good health promotion and disease prevention programs with demonstrated effectiveness in influencing personal health habits and cost-effective use of health care resources. We achieved bronze award.

Magnet recognition is awarded to Almoosa Specialist hospitals for providing high-quality patient care and advancing professional nursing practices by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). It is the greatest honor bestowed on a hospital nursing department. Magnet hospitals, according to the ANCC, have greater percentages of pleased nurses, less RN turnover and fewer vacancies, higher patient satisfaction, and better clinical results. The Magnet Recognition Program designates organizations worldwide where nursing leaders successfully align their nursing strategic goals to improve the organization’s patient outcomes. The Magnet Recognition Program provides a roadmap to nursing excellence, which benefits the whole of an organization. To nurses, Magnet Recognition means education and development through every career stage, which leads to greater autonomy at the bedside. To patients, it means the very best care, delivered by nurses who are supported to be the very best that they can be

JCI is an independent, not for profit organization accredits and certify healthcare organizations and programs across the globe. JCI accreditation and certification is recognized as a global leader for healthcare quality of care and patient safety.

(ASH) started JCI accreditation journey in the year 2009 and successfully achieved the gold seal for JCI. Hospital achieved 4 successful accreditations from JCI. By implementing JCI standard in ASH the patient care become standardized which directly increases patient satisfaction.

ASH is continuously working on implementing most recent evidence-based practice to achieve highest level of care in patient and to improve patient safety and quality of care in the hospital.

Almoosa Hospital won the Chamber of Commerce Award in 2014, which is the first award to the development sectors in the Al-Ahsa region to contribute to the development and upgrading of local performance.

The award is one of the Chamber’s initiatives that aim to support the business sector in Al-Ahsa, improve its performance, and honor the companies and institutions that have contribute distinctly to the development boom taking place in the Kingdom.

In 2015, the Nutrition and Food Services Department at Almoosa Hospital won accreditation by HACCP, an international food safety certification in all stages, from catering, storage, cooking, to serving the meal to the final consumer. The criteria have been audited by an independent team of international surveyors from the United Kingdom authorized by the HACCP.


ASH Laboratory won accreditation by the American College of Pathologists (CAP) in 2017. This marked a significant shift in the hospital’s level of patient-centered care by improving the quality of laboratory services, and aiming to conform to best practices for patient safety in the laboratory.

This accreditation is a sign of the Almoosa Specialist Hospital Laboratory’s a commitment to quality and a pact with the community that the hospital will achieve the highest standards of laboratory services. The laboratory has been always keen to be recognized for its implementation of international standards, particularly those measured by the CAP team from the United States.

The global standard for quality of surgical care from SRC. It is focused on improving the safety and quality of patient care and lowering the cost associated with successful treatment.

ASH has proudly achieved the highest level of the HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Records Adoption Model (EMRAM) which scores hospitals from 0-7 relative to their inpatient electronic medical records (EMR) capabilities.

This accreditation is a clear representation of the hospital’s efforts to advance health and wellness for everyone, everywhere through health information and technology and our ongoing commitment to improving patient safety and the overall quality of clinical care through the effective use and deployment of electronic medical record technology .

In ASH, Technology is embedded in everything we do, in all clinical processes and our nursing workflows to improve patient safety and the overall quality of clinical care. HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) is an international organization which supports hospitals to benchmark and improve their use of digital technology, through various digitalized healthcare adoption models, ranging from 0-7.

Almoosa Specialist Hospital is also accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks, which is granted to blood banks that conform to the AABB standards and are surveyed every two years for administrative and practical organization and quality control.

The Hospital achieved re-accreditation recently in month Mar 2021

ACR accreditation is recognized as the gold standard in medical imaging. It helps assure our patients that we provide the highest image quality and safety and that our facility meets equipment, medical personnel, and quality assurance requirements. During the accreditation process, the ACR evaluates equipment and staff to promote high standards in all aspects of practice and patient safety. You can rest assured that we offer top-quality services.

The Almoosa Specialist Hospital achieved the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists – ASHP accreditation in September 2021, to be the 2nd international hospital to achieve ASHP outside the US .

(ASHP) is a professional organization representing the interests of pharmacists who practice in hospitals, health maintenance organizations, long-term care facilities, home care, and other components of health care.

Accreditation criteria :
• Quality
• Medication safety
• Leadership and management
• Education and Training
• Information management
• Supply chain
• Drug policy and drug information

Almoosa Specialist Hospital always strives to implement world-class standards, and this makes us go for ISO standards for Nutrition and Food Services department by replacing HCCAP.

In 2018, the Nutrition and Food Services Department at Almoosa Hospital successfully achieved ISO accreditation.

Almoosa Specialist hospital raised the bar ASH achieves the American Heart Association “AHA” certification to be the first in the kingdom to earn that designation as a comprehensive stroke center with a unique endovascular thrombectomy service.

For 3 days, AHA surveyors have been assessing the ASH stroke services and their ability to receive and treat the most complex stroke cases This designation illustrates the Almoosa commitment to a higher up-to-date standard of clinical .