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Patient Guide

Support Groups


  • Enhance Patient education
  • Copping with the new joint
  • Enhance Lifestyle
  • Motivation for exercises
  • Self-pain management
  • Sharing experience


  • Enhance Patient education
  • Sharing experience
  • Living with epilepsy
  • Enhance wellness
  • Stress management

who should join:

  • Patients with current condition of cancer
  • Recovered patients
  • Families of cancer patient
  • Open for the community not only Almoosa Hospital patient



  • Help patients feel supported socially, emotionally and not isolated
  • provide a safe place to share and work through feelings and challenges of cancer patients
  • Allow members to learn from others facing similar situations
  • Partner with members to enhance their journey in our hospital
  • Provide them with educational sessions in many aspects of their journey of healing
  • Professional hospital workers support members all the time and answer their questions
  • Applying the person-centered care approach in the group to enhance their overall experience