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Almoosa outpatient pharmacies

Functions around the clock  to optimally serve our patients. Our pharmacies are strategically positioned in the Main Hospital (North and South Tower) and within the Rehabilitation and Long-term Care facility for easy access.

As the pioneer of smart pharmacies in the region, Almoosa outpatient pharmacies deliver a higher level of patient care. The robotics incorporated into the system guarantees accuracy rate of 98%, prioritizing maximal patient safety.

Our adoption of pharmacy automation increases operational efficiency, minimizes mistakes, and lends additional time for our staff to engage in patient consultations and interactions.

Inpatient Pharmacies

The inpatient pharmacies feature an automated drug dispensing system, Omnicell. This system includes medicine cabinets connected to the Health Information System (HIS), which identifies individual patients through their file numbers. The system accurately and promptly dispenses medication according to doctors’ prescriptions, eliminating the need for human interference.


This state-of-the-art system serves to decrease the potential for medication errors, enhance patient safety, and elevate healthcare quality. It allows healthcare providers to have more quality time to engage in compassionate communication with patients.


Moreover, the system offers highly accurate medication dispensing, efficient inventory management, and automatic medication expiration date checks.