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Academic Affairs

Welcome to the academic affairs, we are dedicated to excellence in medical education, research, and patient care. With a strong focus on academic affairs, Almoosa Health Group is committed to providing an exceptional learning environment for medical students, residents, and fellows.

At the heart of our academic pursuits lies our renowned teaching hospital. Our teaching hospital serves as a hub for medical education and patient care, offering a comprehensive range of services. It serves as a training ground for aspiring doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals, providing them with hands-on experience under the guidance of experienced faculty.

Research Center (RC)

The Research Center was founded to oversee the research activities at Almoosa Medical Group. It was established to identify key areas of research based on the health care needs of the society, to help to develop the Saudi research activities which can meet with the 2030 vision on research and development, and to encourage staff to contribute to those prioritized areas of research.

The center also maintains the ethical standards of practice in medical research through the Institutional Review Board (IRB) to protect both participants and researchers and ensure that interdisciplinary research is conducted in an appropriate and consistent manner. An Institutional Review Board (IRB) has been established at Almoosa Medical Group and goes under the umbrella of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST). The main aim of this board is to review studies ethically and make decisions whether to approve or reject a study. Research Center also offers continuous professional development programs in research methodology, biostatistics and scientific writing for publication as a sense of duty towards community, professionals and students’ development.


Activities undertaken by the Research Center:

  • Clinical research proposal development assistance/consultancy
  •  Clinical research data collection
  • Clinical data analysis
  • Research paper publication assistance/consultancy
  •  Sponsored study feasibility assistance/consultancy
  • Sponsored clinical studies.


Training Programs :

  • All training programs have Saudi Commission for health specialties (SCFHS) accredited CME hours). The details of these courses are published online periodically.
  •  Course on Overall Research Overview.
  •  Research Methodology Overview.
  •  Almoosa Summer Research School (ASRS).
  • Association and Causality in Clinical Research.
  •  Seminar on Clinical Research: From Conducting Research to getting it Published.
  •  Introduction to Qualitative Research Course.
  • Biostatistics in Healthcare.
  • SPSS without tears.
  • Teaching EBM: A Two Days Workshop.
  • Clinical Trial Course for Nurses.
  •  Teaching evidence-based medicine.
  • Evidence based practice in rehabilitation medicine course.


Annual Symposium:

To foster a research community, the Research Center organizes the “Annual Applied Clinical Research Symposium” every year. It is one of the largest Clinical Research Symposiums in the Eastern Region to discuss the present and future perspectives of medical research in the Kingdom and provides unique opportunities to healthcare professionals and students to explore breakthroughs in research.

Continuing Professional Development Department


CPD unit is accredited provider by the Saudi Commission for health specialties (SCFHS) to organize and conduct healthcare related programs.

Our T&D unit is concerned with the development of ASH employees’ knowledge & skills with aim to standardize our staff professional response and work protocols, meet the current work needs and future challenges and demands, and to raise the level of professional’s performance and skills necessary to achieve the considerations of their career progress.

PF&CE team develops patient-centered and evidence-based educational programs and resources believing in patients and their caregivers’ importance in managing care beyond our doors. To this end, the Patient educators provides one-to-one education and skill instruction to patients and family members as ordered by the caregivers upon request, create tailored patient and family education material, conduct indoor and outdoor awareness campaigns, and form and facilitate support groups discussion sessions … etc.

It is accredited provided by Health Academy- Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, which aims at raising the standards and quality of health vocational training to serve the localization of the health workforce and health transformation programs.

Library aims at widening ASH staff knowledge and helping staff to reach information within one source from any place, whether from clinic or at home. It contains enough physical and digital resources supported by PCs to ensure solid atmosphere for studying.

Life support center

ASH Life Support Training Centre (LSTC) is a signature project for education and training at Almoosa Specialist hospital and supports the strategic plan in the area of education, innovation, and collaboration. The ASH LSTC is an official American Heart Association (AHA) training Centre, offering the following life support courses: Heartsaver Provider and Instructor courses (First Aid, First aid-CPR, and First aid-CPR-AED), Basic Life support (BLS) Provider and instructor, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Provider and instructor, Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Provider and instructor and neonatal resuscitation program (NRP) Provider.
In addition, Almoosa Specialist Hospital is an official training center for Advanced Trauma Life Support courses for doctors (ATLS) and nurses (ATCN) in affiliation with the American College of Surgeons (ACS).
1-Providing high-quality life support training programs for AlMoosa Specialist Hospital staff and the surrounding health care organizations to help them save more lives.
2-Offering learning opportunities to enhance skills and help other Healthcare providers succeed in their career as part of the organization’s dedication to spreading the knowledge of how to save lives among the community.
3-Ensure that the life support programs will be conducted according to the international guidelines and standards established by each association and conduct periodic review and evaluation on a regular basis to find any opportunity to improve.

Post Graduate Education

ASH Postgraduate Education department offers a range of Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) accredited and supervised programs that are residency, fellowship, and diplomas. We aim to provide professional academic healthcare programs. As a result, it creates an ideal learning environment based on health education principles for both trainers and trainees, and it allows trainees to be highly trained and qualified for safe professional practice.


Residency and fellowship training programs:

Residency training is postgraduate medical training in a specific specialty of medicine. Residency training may be followed by fellowship or sub-specialty training.
The first accredited residency program at ASH was in 2017. Currently, we have 19 different residency and fellowship training programs at ASH accredited by SCFHS.


  • Residency Programs:

1. Pediatric residency training program.
2. Internal medicine residency training program.
3. General surgery residency training program.
4. Obstetrics and gynaecology residency training program.
5. Adult Intensive care unit residency training program.
6. Diagnostic Radiology residency training program.
7. Anesthesia residency training program.
8. Urology residency training program.
9. Orthopedics residency program.
10. Ophthalmology residency training program.
11. Family Medicine residency Program.
12. Adult Neurology residency Program.


  • Fellowship Programs:
    1. Adult Cardiology fellowship training program.
    2. Adult Gastroenterology fellowship training program
    3. Adult Endocrinology fellowship training program
    4. Adult Infectious diseases fellowship training program
    5. Neonatology Fellowship training Program.
    – Adult Critical Care nursing
    – Clinical Pharmacy