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To bring staff’s promising ideas to life and promote excellent healthcare for our patients, Almoosa Specialist Hospital has launched, on Thursday September 27, the “Almoosa Inspire innovation center “

The opening speech was delivered by Mrs. Sara Almoosa, Marketing, and Community Partnership Director; who said that the Innovation Center hosts a culture of openness and exchange between employees to foster new and original solutions to the challenges we face in our day-to-day lives.

Mr. Malek Almoosa, CEO of Almoosa Specialist Hospital, said, “This center was created to allow us to facilitate innovations and bring them to life. It offers our employees an optimal environment in which to cultivate their ideas in line with our strategic plan. We provide the infrastructure necessary to advance cutting-edge ideas that would be in the best interest of our patients and their experience at the hospital, everyone from hospital staff is welcome to share their new ideas. ”

Mrs. Sara noted that The Innovation Center receives ideas via the “almoosainspire” website, the Review Committee evaluate these ideas and choose the best among them, thereafter our “innovation champions” study each idea with the innovative who brought it up, and the best idea gets the chance to receive the Best Idea Award.

We would like to invite you to share your innovative idea with us, through our website