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Depression and Anxiety Costs The World US$1 Trillion A Year

Under the theme “Mental Health in the Workplace”, the World Health Organization (WHO) celebrated World Mental Health Day on 10 October, the celebration this year focused on socio-psychological aspects of the workplace, which greatly affect the efficiency and productivity of the employee. Recent studies have shown that working in an unstable work environment and experiencing work-related stress may affect the employee’s performance and lead to physical and mental health problems, absenteeism, or loss of productivity, and it may eventually lead to serious psychological complications that can affect the heart and arteries more than long-term smoking.

A recent WHO-led study about “Mental Health in the Workplace” estimates that depression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy US$ 1 trillion each year in lost productivity.

Stress management ways to relieve stress in the workplace are varied and there is no one way to use for all people, there are many causes of the work-related stress includes the work environment and the individual ability to withstand the various types of pressure, the pressures leading to anxiety and stress are doubled in the case of instability and lack of enjoyment of work. Besides, there are also other factors such as: (lack of ambitions and lack of control over conflicts, working without specific job description – the lack of job security, which is exacerbated by having an irresponsible administration – losing contact between the founders and the department heads within the structure of the workplace (up, down, or between) the work colleagues – The lack of trust and the need for hypocrisy and a place full of conflicting forces and lack of work-life balance – long hours of work and work under an unmanageable workload – poor relationships and behaviors can lead to dispersion of the employee’s concentration and ability to work within a group).

On the sidelines of the Scientific Conference of the Neuroscience Center, which was held at Almoosa Hospital last week, the Psychiatry Department at Almoosa Specialist Hospital has held a scientific session on the subject of “Depression” in terms of its spread and its impact on society, the patient age groups that may be affected, how to diagnose it, and the means of assistance and rehabilitation in society and in the workplace.

Dr. Sherif Saad, consultant psychiatrist, and Fatima Al-Ali – psychologist, from Almoosa Specialist Hospital, were participating in this event, as well as (Dr. Fathi Saleh – from National Guard Hospital, and Dr. Jaafar Al-Abadi – from Mental Health Hospital, and Dr. SaimaKhashif – from King Faisal University).