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Emergency department team saves a patient from a possible pulmonary embolism

Emergency department team saves a patient from a possible pulmonary embolism

Our patient came to the emergency department suffering from swelling in the entire upper left extremity for more than two weeks, after reviewing several hospitals, he was diagnosed with cellulitis and an antibiotic was given to him

The patient was discharged from the hospital, but the patient’s condition and swelling did not improve

The patient’s sons stated that the reason for their visit to the hospital is their confidence that they will find the correct diagnosis of their father’s condition in our hospital

The patient was received in the emergency department, Dr. Ahmed Al-Rubi, the emergency doctor, and ultrasound was done for the veins and arteries on the entire left side and comprehensive blood tests

The case was followed up by Dr. Louay Hussein, the emergency doctor. By reviewing the tests, it was found that it was normal, except for one of the coagulation factors in the blood. Dr. explained. He saw the situation for the patient’s children and asked them to agree to have a chest x-ray done

Because of the possibility of a blockage in one of the main veins in the chest, and after the x-ray, it was confirmed that there was a blockage in the subclavian vein, and blood thinners were immediately started and the patient was put to sleep to avoid a pulmonary embolism

We thank the emergency department of the hospital for their sincere efforts, and we thank our patients for their trust in our medical team and our human-centered care.