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Saving a patient in the fourth decade of life from blindness

With the collaboration of one of the most skilled competencies of Al-Moosa Hospital, a patient in his fourth decade of life was saved from complete blindness, after he had suffered for the past five years from a lack of sight that did not pay any attention to him, and he told the hospital that during the last year of his visit, his sight became in a condition Much worse than before at a very low level. The patient visited several local hospitals previously, and several inspection examinations were carried out for him, including:

The visual field mapping, which showed an almost complete absence of the visual ability of the left eye, and a severe limitation of about 75% of the visual field of the right eye.

Undergoing magnetic resonance imaging, which showed the presence of a large tumor with a size of 4.3 * 3 cm in the area of ​​​​the pituitary gland extending to the top, pressing on the optic nerves, and the size of the tumor is estimated to be almost twice the size of the pituitary gland, as its normal size is 1.9.

At that time, the patient was transferred to Al Moosa Specialized Hospital, where modern equipment and distinguished surgical expertise are available in skull base surgery and pituitary tumors. To perform endoscopic surgery through the nose and paranasal sinuses.

The tumor was removed, the optic chiasma was decompressed during the operation, knowing that it took only 4 and a half hours after the patient was fully anesthetized.


The patient recovered, praise be to God, and was fully examined, and it was found that the great improvement in both eyesight and ability in both eyes immediately after the operation, and the patient spent the first day after surgery in the intensive care and did not show any side effects, thanks to God and his end.

The next day, the patient was transferred to the hypnosis department, and an MRI of the brain and pituitary gland was performed, which showed the presence of liberation of the optic chiasm.

Quoting from Dr. Kassab: “These modern operations using laparoscopy have become a real alternative to surgical removal of such tumors due to the short duration of hospital stay after surgery and the few complications resulting from traditional surgeries such as bacterial infections and convulsive seizures, which can occur as a result of direct interference on the brain by traditional surgical methods.”

He added, “Such surgical interventions need to provide neuroendoscopy devices for the base of the skull and integrated surgical tools for these surgeries, which were recently available at Al-Mousa Specialized Hospital within the modernization and development plan to expand the range of distinguished neurosurgical services in the region, in addition to the necessity of providing distinguished surgical technical expertise, which The hospital and its management have recently recruited her to achieve this noble goal