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Time corresponds to brain function

For the first time in Al-Ahsa, a stroke patient was rescued using a mechanical thrombectomy with neurovascular intervention.

Stroke cases are medical emergencies, which require immediate treatment, as it is possible to reduce damage to the brain and prevent possible post-stroke complications in the case of rapid aid, and according to recent statistics, stroke is the second highest cause of death worldwide and is one of the The most important causes of physical and mental disability in the world.

A stroke occurs when blood flow to a part of the brain is cut off, depriving brain tissue of much-needed oxygen and other vital nutrients, often due to a blockage in one of the major arteries.

Our patient came to the hospital suffering from hemiplegia. On examination, it was found that the patient had a vascular stroke, the patient was immediately transferred to the catheterization laboratory, where a mechanical thrombectomy was successfully performed through the blood vessels by installing a stent through the catheter and suctioning the clot in record time.

Mechanical thrombectomy can only be performed in holistic centers such as Al Mousa Neuroscience Center, where the recently formed Stroke Treatment Team, which consists of Dr. Mohamed Kassab, Consultant of Neurosurgery and Interventional Neuroradiology and 4 Consultants of Neurology and Consultant Interventional Radiologist Dr. Mr. Hassan, deal efficiently with such emergencies.

Mechanical thrombectomy is the best option for patients with acute vascular stroke due to blockage of a major artery causing ischemia and cessation of blood circulation, which can be performed within 24 hours of the stroke.

Thanks to God, the operation was successfully completed, and the blood flow to the brain returned to its normal state, and the patient came out in good condition on his feet after 3 days of surgery.

It is worth noting that we are the only center in Al-Ahsa to manage such cases and our doctors always indicate that “time corresponds to brain function!” In a direct way to point out that stroke is a medical emergency. And the more time passes before a stroke patient receives definitive treatment, the worse the repercussions will be. But it also means that if a stroke is treated promptly, brain damage will be reduced