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Orthopedic Center

Orthopedic Center


The Orthopedic Center at Al Moosa Specialist Hospital is one of the largest specialized centers in the area, which provides combined diagnostic and therapeutic services for all cases of fracture, bone and joint diseases.

Starting from the medical history and diagnosis with the latest magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) devices, through the correct medical intervention and procedure and the necessary drugs, to recovery and follow-up.

The center is managed by a group of consultants specializing in orthopedic medicine and surgery, who have the highest scientific degrees and extensive experience in the subspecialties of orthopedics.

The center also receives all orthopedic injuries that include car accidents, work injuries, sports injuries, and shoulder injuries through outpatient clinics, or through the emergency unit, that operates 24 hours.

The Sports Trauma Unit at Al-Moosa Specialist Hospital is one of the most important milestones in the field of health care for athletes in the Al-Ahsaa region.


Services provided by the center

The center provides many distinguished services in the field of orthopedics, which are characterized by high quality and appropriate medical or surgical intervention in a timely manner.

This high performance is due to the great experience of the medical staff in the Orthopedic Center equipped with the latest medical devices in the world.

Joint Treatment Unit

Which provides a series of services and operations that require a high degree of quality and experience, such as:

  • Total hip replacement
  • Total knee replacement surgery.
  • Total shoulder replacement
  • Internal fixation of femoral and pelvic fractures.
  • Orthopedic grafting to treat non-healing fractures of the scaphoid bone.

Sports Injuries Unit

The Sports Injuries Unit within Orthopedic Center within the Al-Moosa Specialist Center has a good reputation among the sports community by virtue of its success in its experience with the Al-Fatah Model Club as it provided the club with medical care at the highest level.

Among the services provided by the unit:


  • Treatment of all sports injury cases such as anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments and collateral ligaments.
  • Treatment of meniscus by minimally invasive surgery.
  • The use of arthroscopic surgery in the treatment of shoulder muscle cuts.

Physiotherapy Unit

Physical therapy and follow-up after orthopedic injuries and the subsequent surgical or non-surgical interventions are important and necessary to reach the optimal state and reach the largest possible degree of the basic functions of the affected organ, any defect in physical therapy after injury may lead to negative consequences for the patient after Processes.

Therefore, we at the Orthopedic Center take care of the patient’s physical therapy and strive to reach the best possible quality and help speed up the patient’s recovery and the affected organs return to their normal function through some distinguished services, such as:


Why Us?

Experience, care, and modern means in one place, rapid handling of emergency cases, and trained medical staff at the highest level are the most prominent features of the Orthopedic Surgery and Medicine Center within Al Mousa Specialist Hospital!

In addition, there are many features within the center that we have provided for the convenience of the hospital’s visitors, and certainly in our endeavor to raise the quality of our services provided, these features include:

  • The latest diagnostic methods of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography.
  • Excellence in providing optimal treatment for sports injuries, as the center deals with players in professional clubs registered in the Saudi Sports Federation.
  • The use of arthroscopic surgery in the treatment of sports injuries.
  • Treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee, pelvis, and shoulder joints, with the latest recommendations of joint replacement surgery.
  • Treating all types of fractures with the latest and best types of fixatives.
  • Accurate diagnosis within the center, where we provide the optimal treatment for intractable deformities and bacterial infections of the bones.
  • We provide the necessary rehabilitation to our patients as we take care of them by providing them with appropriate physical therapy services, to fully recover and return the affected organs to their normal state.