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Radiology Department

Radiology Department

Radiology Department

ASH radiology department is state of art department. Our high-end technology machine together with well-trained technologists help our subspecialized radiologists to have accurate diagnosis and reach proper treatment.



1- Recent MRI machines 3T and 1.5 T

2- Dual source and high-speed single source CT with low dose radiation for patients

3- Variety of high-end technology ultrasound machines including 3D , 4D and color doppler

4- All types of fluoroscopy examinations.

5- comprehensive mammography service including tomosynthesis, Vaccuum assisted biopsy ,stereotactic biopsies and automated breast ultrasound service.

6- Recent bone densometer machines BMD.

7- Multiple recent digitalized conventional x ray machines.

8- interventional service for all simple and complicated intervention procedures.

9- filmless and paperless culture

10- state of art machine learning and artificial intelligence program to help radiologists to reach accurate diagnosis

11- comprehensive nuclear medicine unit including Pet CT and SPECT CT with high sophisticated hot lab machines enabling the radiologists to diagnose and treat with radio isotopes