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Dr. Mahmoud Mustafa
Dr. Mahmoud Mustafa

Chief of Quality and Patient Safety Internal Medicine Consultant

Dr. Mahmoud was the first physician who joined Almoosa since the very beginning in 1996. He started his internal medicine and endocrinology career and later became the chief of internal medicine. Years after, he became the hospital’s Medical Director. He previously worked in the Specialty Hospital in Amman as an internal medicine consultant. He graduated from Mosul University in Iraq in 1990 and then did his Arab Board in Internal Medicine in 1993.

Dr. Mahmoud heads the quality and patient safety department; he led the first accreditation of Almoosa by the Joint commission in 2008. Dr. Mahmoud is married to Dr. Sawsan Murtaja, Ob-Gyn consultant, and he has three boys and two daughters, all of whom are medical school graduates.

Arab Board of Internal Medicine, Syria, 1994
High Diploma, Internal Medicine, Iraq, 1992
Consultant, General Internal Medicine & Diabetes and Head of Internal Medicine Department at Almoosa General Hospital from October 1996 until July 2007
Medical Director from July 2007 until July 2017
Chief Medical Officer since July 2017 to present
Chief of Quality and Patient Safety since September 2019 to present