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Dr. Samer Qara
Dr. Samer Qara

Chief of Staff

Born into a family that respects science and places great importance on it. Learned from a young age that his knowledge is his weapon. He was distinguished by high marks and good behavior that made everyone around him predict a bright future for him

Dr. Samer Qarah, who held the title of the doctor before entering medicine, putting his study first and dreamed of becoming a doctor, he was so honest and genuine that his family and friends called him the doctor of the family.

His life journey is rich in science and work and his pursue of learning has no roof, after graduation he obtained the American Board in Internal Medicine from Cornell Hospital and University in the United States of America, then he earned the American Board in pulmonary medicine from Cornell University Hospital and New York Hospitals in the United States of America

After that, he got the American Board of Critical Care Medicine at Money Fury Albert Einstein Hospital, New York, United States of America

Held several positions, including Chief of staff and Head of Critical Care Department in our hospital. Also, he became the Chief of staff and Head of the Critical Care Department at Saad Specialist Hospital in Al-Khobar. The Head of the Critical Care Department at King Fahd Hospital in Jeddah, Dr. Samer, is a tactful and good listener. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, karate, and fishing. He is married and has four children