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Mrs. Sara Almoosa
Mrs. Sara Almoosa

Marketing director | CSR | MBA

Sara is an experienced marketing professional. Driven by her passion to serve the community, she takes the pride in leading an effective and impactful corporate social responsibility projects that added a value to the community and Almoosa hospital brand.

As a marketing and CSR director her goals include enhancing the wellness of the community and promoting the healthy life style.

Sara has worked in the healthcare industry, gaining experience in digital marketing, content creating, market research and events planning.

In addition to her primary job functions, Sara has been recognized for her extraordinary role in improving the patient experience.

She is a member of the planetree organization and plane tree steering team and patients and families advisory council.

Sara has a personal interest in innovation. She succeeded in establishing Inspire innovation center which aims to foster innovation among employees, patients, and the community.

Sara is a member in ASH hospital board of governors. She is also a member in the chamber of commerce social responsibility committee. Sara is a great CSR Director; she oversaw the creation and implementation of ASH’s social responsibility objectives. Defined and developed great projects like Play together park, cleft lip initiative, cooperation with productive families, and Ahsa Run Marathon

Sara is an experienced, knowledgeable director who understands the ins and outs of marketing strategy, analysis, campaign execution and staff management — all while keeping tight control over the bottom line.

She is Part analyst, part strategist, part director doing all wholesomely while being an amazing wife, and a mother of four beautiful girls – In her free time, Sara enjoys riding her bike with her husband.


  • Master of Business Administration – M.B.A. from Hult International Business School
  • Digital marketing leadership course, Squared Online
  • Bachelor’s degree in mathematics from King Faisal University