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Almoosa Specialist Hospital has achieved Magnet® designation in recognition of nursing excellence and the highest level of professionalism in nursing practice. This prestigious designation is awarded by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and serves as the gold standard for nursing excellence.


To achieve this designation, the hospital provided documentation that demonstrated qualitative and quantitative proof of outstanding patient care and outcomes. The rigorous certification process also included a three-day, site visit by ANCC Magnet appraisers, who confirmed the key roles and responsibilities of nurses as leaders across the organization.

Nursing at Almoosa

Driven by our overarching hospital strategic priorities, we have embarked on an ambitious, solid, and comprehensive nursing strategic plan based on the components of the Magnet model. One of the major milestones in the history of the growth of our department has been the transformation of our organizational structure by introducing two main components, which are the introduction of our three new clinical nurse specialists and the development of the nursing quality and safety division.


Our nurses are empowered, and equipped with knowledge, skills, and resources. We continuously welcome hundreds of new nurses through our accredited transition-to-practice program (PTAP®) by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). We have elevated the entry level of nursing to BSN level to 87% because we believe that the higher the nurses’ education, the better outcomes for our patients. Our INSPIRE program has graduated dozens of nurses and our recognition program has honored hundreds of DAISY® nurses and caregivers.

Our Nursing Shared Governance Structure

 Almoosa patient-centered care is sustained by nurses who are formally empowered to make decisions about clinical practice standards, quality improvement, staff and professional development, and innovative research. Nurses at all levels at Almoosa are key players in advancing patient care through professional engagement and shared governance.

Nursing Succession Plan

The Nursing Department at Almoosa supports, encourages, and invests in effective and efficient succession planning through continuous nursing development. Implementing a nursing succession plan creates learning opportunities drives outcomes and sustains advancements for our nurses. Nurses at all levels have equal opportunity to apply for succession planning based on nurse competency and the assessment to identify individual performance and potential for this specific position in the future.



INSPIRE Clinical Advancement Program at Almoosa stands for Innovation, Nursing Excellence, Standards, and Skills, Person-centered, Interprofessional Collaboration, Research, and Empowerment which regards the values of the program. INSPIRE provides the chance and opportunity for clinical nurses to professional advancement within the scope of practice by identifying and distinguishing the acquired competencies, education, experience, and responsibilities as per departmental clinical advancement requirements. Five levels of INSPIRE are offered to our nurses each of which consists of specific criteria and successfully completing the requirements for INSPIRE enables our nurses to receive an end-of-cycle financial bonus.