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Almoosa specialist hospital held an awareness booth about Rheumatic diseases

Education department in cooperation with the clinic of rheumatology at Almoosa Specialist Hospital held a special awareness booth to raise awareness and educate the community in general about Rheumatic diseases. Emphasizing the importance of early diagnosis and its impact in improving patients lives, and avoid complications in case of late diagnosis.

Dr. NohaZakaria, Rheumatologist, declared that this booth aims to raise awareness about this disease and educate our patients and visitors about it, adding that patient who shows symptoms in the musculoskeletal system should not be afraid to visit the rheumatologist.

Rheumatic diseasesare currently widespread but foremost are benign and easily cured, except for some types, such as rheumatoid arthritis andSLE that need regular follow-upand special treatments. If the patient was early diagnosed and properly treated then the disease in most cases, thanks to God,becomes under control and patients do notdevelop complications.

Awareness brochures were distributed to the attendees, in the meanwhile Dr. Noha pointed out the importance of proper nutrition and diets that do not contain too much red meat, and exercising regularly for the health of bones, joints and muscles.

This event aimed topromote the health awareness of the community to prevent against chronic diseases of the modern era and try to reduce it, in line with the hospital’s mission to provide the best health care based on the principle of “patient – centered service”.