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Successful Aortic stenting for a 30-year-old patient

Our surgical team at Almoosa Specialist hospital led by Dr. Mahmoud Elmeniesy, vascular surgery consultant, managed to save a 30-year-old patient who was suffering from an Aortic dissection.

Dr. Mahmoud stated that the patient came to the hospital in a serious condition suffering from hypertension and severe back and chest pains – so a medical team from different specialties was formed

First, the medical team decided to do a CT scan that showed a dissection in the descending aorta, the largest artery in the body that runs down through the chest and the abdomen.

The team that was consisted of Dr. Elmeinesy, Dr.Samer Qara chief of ICU unit, Dr. Yasser Ghoneim cardiothoracic Consultant, and Dr. Syed Hassan Consultant Interventional Radiology- decided to perform a catheterization to deploy an aortic stent covered the main dissection entry point to prevent possible rupture and fatal bleeding

The operation was a success, and the patient was discharged in good health, noting that he will continue the follow-ups for six months to check his condition