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Successful External Disaster Drill at Almoosa Specialist Hospital

The Facility Management & Safety (FMS) Department at Almoosa Specialist Hospital has held an external disaster drill “CODE Yellow” which presented in a traffic accident that resulted in several casualties, the drill aims to show the readiness of the hospital in dealing with such events and to emphasize the potentials of all administrative and medical departments in managing such types of external disasters.

The drill scenario began when the central telephone operator of the hospital received a notification about a bus traffic accident that resulted in several casualties in different places, then he notified the ER in-charge nurse  immediately, who then announced the  “Code Yellow” state of the external disaster on the overhead paging system,the immediate response was performedas the ambulances rushed to the scene to transport the casualties.

The medical team in the ER department received the casualties and treated them. The department showed the speed of response and high readiness in dealing with  such cases,meanwhile the rest of the casualties were transferred to specialized departments (proper disposition), which also began to treat them as soon as they arrived. Then “Code Yellow All clear” was announced on the overhead paging system.

It is worth mentioning  that Almoosa Specialist Hospital conduct such drill in order  to identify and measure the preparedness and readiness of the hospital and its medical staff includes: ER, Radiology, ICU, OR, Pharmacy, Anesthesia and Wards, etc. in managing  such disasters professionally