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Where there is the will, there is the way

Shahd’s story began with the appearance of symptoms of flu and fever… However, all the prescribed treatments did not relieve the symptoms

Shahd moved between several hospitals in search of the correct diagnosis .. but without any improvement

Shahd came from Al-Khobar to our hospital, on the advice of one of her doctors, holding the hand of a frightened father and a mother praying for her to be saved.

Between the examinations..and between Shahd’s diligent desire to complete her studies, our doctors discovered a congenital defect in one of the heart caused an increase in inflammation and the formation of pus on Shahd’s heart valve by 17ml.

An operation was performed to extract the pus, and he is now hospitalized to receive intravenous antibiotics in preparation for another operation to change the valves.

The disease did not defeat the will of our little warrior. Despite her illness, Shahd managed to learn and excel, and we celebrated her among her largest family of doctors and nursing staff.

There is a lot of wisdom in sickness.. and today’s wisdom we learned from the witness of the same steely soul.. “Where there is the will..there is the way.”